BoyensGroup® University

The Boyens Group® is a sales and management consulting and training firm. What makes us unique is that we custom-design all of our programs (speaking, training, consulting or coaching) based upon the unique needs of our clients, the markets that they serve and their budgets. 

Salespeople that utilize the tools and processes we teach are able to:

  • Shorten their sales cycle
  • Increase their average order size
  • Increase the size and quality of their pipeline
  • Improve their share of wallet with existing customers
  • Proactively address sales objections
  • Outsmart their competition
  • Cost-justify their products/services…even if they are the most expensive
  • Position proposals and RFPs to their advantage and “win” a majority of the time
  • Engage in sales conversations versus sales presentations



What our clients say:

John, you have had a tremendous impact on our business. The Stand Firm Plan resulted in a smooth negotiation that allowed us to win a $186,000 consulting contract. We demonstrated value to the client without reducing our professional fees.

Kevin Brown; CEO; The Futures Company



 Contact Info:

tel: 615-395-0200

fax: 615-628-0505